Set up in Brazil

Due to the complexity of the Brazilian taxes and bureaucratic path to go through, foreign companies need experienced professionals to assist them in the constitution and fiscal and accounting maintenance of their subsidiary in the country. To carry out your project, J.D. Associates accompanies you during all administrative steps to streamline the implementation of your company:

Step by step to set up a company

Our team helps you at every stage of your project. Our experience allows us to advise you on the best legal structure for your company so that you can make the best decision. As soon as we have your agreement with our service proposal, our team begins the constitution process before the different administrations and competent bodies according to the following process:



The Brazilian law requires the inclusion of an address in Brazil in the company’s articles of association.

We offer tax domiciliation within our facilities, which saves you the cost of renting na office at your start.

Thanks to our partner LINQ Brasil, we can offer you a variety of complementary services: virtual office, business domiciliation and meeting room rental.



The Brazilian law also sets two legal mandatory requirements on companies:

The appointment of a director – administrator of the company, who must be a local resident (Brazilian, or Foreigner with a permanent resident visa).

The appointment of a legal representative of the company’s shareholders, who must be a local resident (Brazilian, or Foreigner with a permanent resident visa).


J.D. Associates Directiors can have these mandates of legal representation of the comany and / or of the shareholders.

This service, excluding total operational management of the company, is limited to a power of signature and representation before tax and judicial authorities, public bodies and banks, being temporary or more durable according to your needs.

If you expect more operational work, contact us to undestand your expectations.

The administrator and / or legal representative may be changed at any time in your demand.